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Striving for continued development in Bio-Business.

bits uses "sugars" as the foundation in developing and expanding new biotechnology projects.

As bioscience experts, bits aims to connect individuals and corporations with similar goals through our engineering and consulting services.

At bits, we provide you with "bioware".
We refer to "bioware" as a product that includes the core biotechnological knowledge and its applications specific for your business needs.

Biomaterial in Tokyo (bits) was established in 2006 out of my desire to combine research with monozukuri (a Japanese word meaning "making something"). We focus specifically on developing new technology from sugar-bases.
From a scientific perspective, "sugars" have much more use than simply as nutrient or carbohydrate. They comprise the fibres of paper and cloth (as cellulose), natural glues, hyaluronic acid (used often in cosmetics), and are gaining more attention as a base for biodegradable plastics. By researching the many hidden potentials for sugars and applying our scientific knowledge, we strive to produce products and services that will be useful to our clients.
Success only comes once our products and services are widely used, both by industrial experts and the general public, and I believe this is one of the essences of monozukuri. With that in mind, we hope to continue improving on our current research and technology while venturing out onto new possibilities.

Above all, I have been blessed with the support from many people and we strive to go above and beyond the expectations placed on us. Thank you for your continued support.

Yoshiya Izumi
Biomaterial in Tokyo