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Supporting the Advancement in Food Product Development using Biotechnology.

The use of biotechnology to develop new food materials and products is rapidly developing. We at bits work closely with our clients to search for new materials and to improve the efficiency of the production process and quality of the resulting products.

Developing Technology for Food Material Production

"Oligosaccharides", "sugar alcohol", "glycosides", and "dietary fibre" are referred to as "neo functional materials" and its use in food material development is becoming increasingly important. As most food products are a product of nature, their components are very complex and varied. Random trial-and-error in search of a new product would simply be inefficient and very costly. We at bits believe "fundamental technologies are progressive and interrelated" and our services to our clients ensure that the technology is suitable to their facilities and intended procedures. For venture projects, we will conduct the research into advancing the necessary technology.

"We examine food material production through scientific and technological perspectives."


Developing Food Supplements

With healthy lifestyle and health supplements garnering attention, the market for health foods is expanding and the need to ensure its safety and effectiveness is becoming increasingly important. At bits, we support our clients in bringing their ideas to life through development consulting, technology counselling, and assisting with patent applications.

* "Food with Health Claims" refers only to foods that are approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan. They are divided into two categories: "Food for Specified Health Use" and "Food with Nutrient Function Claims".

"We assist in evaluating the safety and functionality of your products."